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VAIL 1.0 is Here!
article published: 6.2.2024

VAIL 1.0 is here - a bit early before our Feb 15th launch on the Quest store! Jump in and give us feedback on these new features as we tune everything for the full launch just a couple of weeks from now!



Matchmaking is now enabled! You can now automatically join servers by hitting the Quick Play button, and backfilling is enabled. We are still working on some issues on the backend to make sure you can find matches quickly in all regions, but so far it's working great for most players! Please note that Quick Play servers are the only way to earn XP, level up, and increase your stats; which brings us to the next big feature of this update....


Progression for VAIL is live! You can level up from 0 to 50 by playing on any Quick Play server. Along the way, you'll unlock guns, sights, emblems, and in-game currency (which can be used at the in-game marketplace, coming soon). In a future update, we'll add the option to Prestige which will reset your progress in exchange for some cosmetics and emblems. More info on Prestige will come in a future update!

In addition to the main level progression, you can unlock weapon skins by getting headshot kills with each weapon. Currently, there are only 10 cosmetics available for each gun, but 10 more are going to be added in an upcoming update.

Along with progression, we now track your stats and you can get ranked on our global, weekly, and daily leaderboards for kills and wins. Screenshot your stats page and send it to us in Discord so we can see who has the best KDA!

Please note that all stats and progress will be reset at launch on Feb 15th, 2024





We're adding FOUR NEW WEAPONS and a brand new ammo pouch. The ammo pouch pools ammo together based on type. When a player dies, they drop a pouch with the ammo they were carrying and it can be picked up by other players. This allows players to steal enemy loadouts more easily (no need to chase after individual mags) and it allows for more consistent reloads by having the pouch in one consistent spot! This also gives us the ability to add shotguns and other unique weapons.....

M2 Rifled Shotgun
3 Pellet, tight choke shotgun for close to midrange engagements, however, the long barrel makes it difficult to get around corners. Unlocked at level 16.

STF12 Shotgun
8 pellet, pump action shotgun. Excels at close quarters. Can cycle the action while only holding it with your off-hand (one-handed pump). Unlocked at level 34.

D. Eagle
Long range, low capacity sidearm. From the ammo pouch, it shares ammo with the bolt action sniper. Unlocked at level 50.

AK style SMG. nearly identical in damage to the UMP. However, it has less control than the UMP, and fewer sight options. To make up for this, and to keep it in line with the rebalancing of AKs, it does slightly more headshot damage. Unlocked at level 8.





There are two new maps for launch, with another coming soon!

Based on the starting title screen level, you can now fight in the Void in both Scoutzknivez and 1v1s.

A REYAB Corporation training institution for the next generation of soldiers. Check it out with Capture the Orb - Complete with jump pads, sniper towers, and much more. Please note that it is known that Atmos has some performance issues on Quest standalone.





  • Ammo Counters added to all guns
  • Improved game loading
  • Fixed FFA/TDM Khidi spawn that you could get stuck on
  • Scoutzknivez game mode is now infinite ammo
  • Fixed some scopes being blurry on Quest
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Audio improvements and additions (check out the new impact sounds!)
  • Fixed some issues where players can be visually crouching when they are standing for others
  • Removed audio for Heaven spectator screen for now
  • Improved joystick dead zones slightly based on player feedback
  • Reduced Picnic game mode to be a max of 32 players
  • Fixed gun getting stuck playing firing sounds if you eject a mag and pull the trigger at the same time
  • Various performance improvements
  • Various Map improvements


  • GrotB 1-handed recoil increased
  • AK12 1-tap headshot extended to 40m
  • AK303N 1-tap headshot extended to 60m
  • G28Z recoil slightly reduced
  • G28Z headshot damage increased to always 1-tap
  • SCARH recoil slightly reduced
  • SCARH long range now kills in 3 body-shots instead of 4
  • SCARH headshot 1-tap extended to 70m
  • Adjusted UMP45 grip position on the mag, to make it feel easier to reload
  • New sight options added for all guns

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to VAIL VR's journey through early access – your insights, patience, and creativity have been invaluable. We've finally reached version 1.0 together, and this is just the beginning of an even more exciting future.


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