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Patch v0.9.15.2
article published: 8.2.2024
Why so big?

Why so big?

First off, you may be wondering why the download is so big. Well, simply put, this update requires you to reinstall the entire game! We had to rework the structure of the game to make downloading updates smoother (and make updates smaller), but for this to work you'll have to initially redownload everything as part of this update.

Shuttle V1

In this update we are shipping a TESTING version of Shuttle; a between match hub where you can vote for the next game mode and map. The map itself is not final and will be completely reworked in a future update, but we didn't want to wait for the new map before allowing you all to vote for the next match. Now, at the end of every single game (including custom games, but hosts can still change maps whenever they want) you'll automatically travel to the Shuttle. At least one player needs to ready up for the map voting to start after the first 30 seconds, and then you'll have 4 maps/game modes to choose from plus a refresh option. The first option will always be the same game mode as the last match, and you can only refresh once. Once a map is chosen, you'll automatically be transported to the next game. We look forward to hearing your feedback about this new feature!

Everything else

  • Updated the icons for Hardpoint and reworked the spawns to change based on which objective is active. There are more things we plan to improve with Hardpoint, so stay tuned for more updates!

  • Added an improved AK12 model.

  • Fixed an issue where the player would have low-health audio stuck playing.

  • Fixed an issue where sounds would start playing in local space instead of world space.

  • Improved spawn logic.

  • Fixed Spawn Protection not working in some game modes. If you grip anything, spawn protection immediately ends.

  • Made ladders easier to grab.

  • Various map improvements and fixes.

  • More crash fixes.

Previous Patches

Since we haven't posted patch notes in a while, here are some notable changes since the last time we posted patch notes (we will get better at this, I promise).

  • Fixed premature idle kicks

  • New Respawn System

  • Players now show their profile avatar instead of their name when far away

  • Unique sounds added to the MR96 and G28Z

  • 1v1 Maar and 1v1 Suna map reworks

  • Improved throwing across all headsets/controllers

  • Fixed PTT performance stutters

  • Varjo users will need to update Varjo Base to fix any visual stuttering

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