Reyab faction sign

On a blighted Earth

The claim to the human legacy is diverging. Many who live on Earth labor to rebuild civilization under REYAB Corporation. Those who believe in a future in the cosmos have moved to the orbiting Colonies. As REYAB pursues its restorative mission for Earth and fights to control the Artifacts, nodes of the original Etana that each contain sensitive data, Colonists must periodically deploy to the surface, seeking critical information from the Artifacts and resources to supply a pending journey through outer space. The war between these factions continues to evolve, and humanity’s future remains uncertain.



REYAB is a mega-corporation that has stood at the core of resource management, technology, and automation on Earth for decades. The sheer efficacy of REYAB ideas has resulted in the universal adoption of common systems, infrastructures, and institutions, proliferating many innovations and societal improvements, creating a worldwide bond among the people.


A majority of the populace is contracted by REYAB or one of its numerous subsidiaries. Vast portions of these contractors are militarized, tasked with securing Earth heritage sites, centers of operation, and databases.



REYAB fervently asserts that the security of future generations is identical to the state of humanity’s home world. With most of Earth’s citizens living in poverty or as derelicts, they are the primary focus of REYAB’s projects, policies, and movements.


After a succession of incremental changes and great strides of progress, nation states are dissolved for the first time in recorded history, replaced by REYAB and its widespread vision for revitalizing the planet’s wastes and polluted lands. World hunger is also eliminated; the corporation’s revolutionary Recycled Nutrition sustains the masses with rations that are nourishing, accessible, and non-perishable.


REYAB Living on Earth, contracted by REYAB Corp. Most people on Earth identify with REYAB, a megacorporation that has been at the core of resource management, automation for decades.



REYAB leverages the power of its many monopolies to influence the world and claims ownership of Earth heritage sites as well as humanity’s compendium of knowledge, the Etana. Since years prior, REYAB has kept the Etana divided into a network of nodes referred to as Artifacts.


Each Artifact contains a vast amount of information that is heavily monitored by REYAB before it is made accessible to the public. Knowledge deemed detrimental to society by REYAB leadership remains concealed, encrypted within Artifacts that are hidden away, placed outside modern megacities into remote regions of the contaminated Old World.



To REYAB, beyond Earth’s atmosphere stretches a hostile abyss, a universe that is uninhabitable to most ordinary civilians. It is only to be accessed for the retrieval of interstellar resources, which are ferried back to the surface and distributed to those in need as well as key individuals and organizations who drive change.


Thus, REYAB regards the Colonists, a seceded faction of REYAB’s former Space Program scientists, as terrorists. The Colonists are relentless, villains who attempt to harvest and misuse dangerous information from the Artifacts, keen to lead humanity toward a cold dark death in the vacuum of space. In contrast, REYAB is a shield created by the people for the people and their only haven.