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The Friend & Parties Update 1.0.3
article published: 26.2.2024

Welcome to our first update after our full release on Steam and Quest! This update brings some nice quality-of-life improvements, including the ability to play with friends more easily thanks to the newly added Friends & Parties.

Friends & Parties

Friends will include your platform friends (friends on Steam and Quest), and you'll also be able to add players in VAIL. Click on any player in the scoreboard to open their profile, and there you can see their stats and add them as a friend.

Additionally, quest users can add friends by searching for their username. Steam users are not able to search for friends right now, but we will be adding that functionality in a future update. In the meantime, you can add players on Steam or ask Quest players to send you a friend request.

With new friends added, you can now create a party. Parties are an experimental feature. Let us know about any issues and we'll be working to improve it for future updates. Currently, parties only work with matchmaking. You can create a party with up to 5 players and you can only add people to your party when you are not already in a server. Joining a party while in a server will cause you to leave that server so that you can join your party.

Weapon Progression

Weapon Progression

All 20 weapons camos are now added and available to unlock in this update. Weapon camos are unlocked by getting headshots with each respective weapon. The number of headshots varies, with rifles needing as many as 1000 headshots to unlock the final 24Karat weapons. Knife cosmetics will be coming soon. In the meantime, who will be the first to unlock all camos for all guns?

Other Changes

  • Made tac rig adjustments based on player feedback. You now primarily grab ammo if holding a firearm, and grab your primary if holding nothing. Tacticals are easier to grab off your arms.
  • Fixed Mag Trigger Grip not working properly on the ammo pouch
  • Fixed knife killing yourself
  • Reduced M2 Rifled close-range damage
  • Reduced shotgun bullet penetration
  • Adjusted STF12's pump grip position to make it a bit more comfortable
  • Fixed skins applying to shotgun shells
  • Fixed MK23 visually ejecting 9mm ammo instead of 45acp
  • Fixed select players not being able to use Quick Play
  • Audio fixes to reduce the likelihood of hearing the wrong character or audio cutting out
  • Reduced warmup time
  • Swapped PL14 and MK23 positions in the progression so that PL14 is now unlocked at level 10
  • Large performance optimizations for UI and maps
  • Visual improvements and optimizations for Atmos

    See you all in-game!

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